International Systems Capabilities

Intuitive Systems

S5 never forgets that shipping is a ‘people business’. Our systems are designed to help both your staff and ours to work more efficiently. They are intuitive and can be specifically tailored to your personal requirements.


Save up to three hours a day

Our in-house systems minimise the time you have to invest in managing port operations enabling your team more time to focus on their core responsibilities. Our clients have estimated that their operators can save up to three hours a day through our simplified online communications protocol!

Detailed Real Time Information

Your need for detailed real time information is provided through full visibility of all financial and operational data. This simple web based system with a single point of entry also offers additional value through its ability to deliver the following:

  • Search and retrieve cargo and financial documents quickly online
  • View and approve DAs online
  • Monitor our compliance with your requirements through automated KPIs
  • Unmatched reporting and analytical capability through our management information tool
  • Enhanced communication facilities
  • Access to worldwide port information

Systems Integration

S5 has a proven track record of rapidly and successfully integrating with clients' operating and voyage management systems. Examples include Dataloy, Softmar, IMOS and bespoke software. Systems development is driven by customer demand, developed by our operations staff and executed by our in-house IT company. Our platform is therefore constantly reviewed and updated to reflect your ever changing needs.

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