QHSSE / ISO Compliance

Quality health safety security and environment is the bedrock of our service offering.

At S5, QHSSE is an on-going dialogue with all staff who are consistently challenged, empowered and motivated to seek continual improvement in service and safety.

S5 has been assessed and approved for BS EN ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of global hub and port agency services. This underpins our commitment to the monitored delivery of defined high quality services in all locations and for every call.

Our HSSE Safety Management System has been implemented in line with UK OHSAS 18001. We are committed to a business philosophy where the safety of all personnel, the preservation of life and the protection of the environment are core operating principles.

The conceptual framework has been developed by the Group HSSE Officer who works with a team of regional HSSE managers and local HSSE focal points. We have a clear chain of corporate and individual accountability running from board to port level.

Hazards to health and safety are identified and mitigated through structured risk management. This is achieved through clearly defined procedures which are promoted throughout the Group and monitored via common safety audits.

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