Vendor Management

Recognising the importance of cost management

Over the last few years all of us in the shipping industry have faced a ‘perfect storm’ of more ships yet with less cargo. At S5 we have responded by increasing our focus on strategic cost management.

Harness Purchasing Power

We work with clients so that together we can harness purchasing power by identifying key areas of concentrated spend. These can then be leveraged internationally through our detailed knowledge of local vendors.

Supplier evaluation and selection

Our processes ensure you receive quality at the most competitive prices. Suppliers are evaluated and selected from controlled sources to meet your specific requirements. As part of our ISO process, S5 monitors performance and service through regular audits in order to guarantee on-going compliance.

Local Knowledge – International Delivery

A Strategic Vendor Management Team has been created to translate local knowledge into international delivery. They are focused and committed to working with you to achieve significant savings but with no compromise to either quality or safety. S5 is therefore structured to deliver tangible results for all of our clients.

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