Ship Management Solutions

The specialised needs of ship managers and owners are recognised and addressed through the development of our worldwide husbandry product. This builds on our global hub and port management capability but with a specific focus on international requirements. These include crew change, cash, and medical as well as technical services including spares, bunkering, dry-docking, and inspections.

Crew Care

Our worldwide CrewCare service includes crew change, visa procurement, meet and greet, transport, hotels, and launches. These are delivered through dedicated CrewCare centres with a 24 hour emergency response facility.

Improve your productivity

We aim to provide a dedicated global husbandry service with resulting cost benefits and improvements in overall productivity. Last year, our key dedicated CrewCare centres handled in excess of 50,000 crew movements. This gave S5 the infrastructure and leverage to significantly improve our clients’ overall productivity.

24 hour Information

Our intuitive systems can offer you 24 hour web based information with full operational and financial visibility providing the following:

  • Improved information flow including - online call information, document management and modern communications reducing email overload.
  • Systems integration with your management systems.
  • Processes are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Cost templates for services in key ports worldwide are produced.
  • Access to worldwide port information.
  • Web based appointments and ability to set up and manage crew movements online.
  • Online DA presentation, verification and approval.
  • Management information tool which provides you with an online reporting and analytical capability.

Meeting your specific needs

Our systems enable compliance with your requirements to be monitored through automated KPIs. Your specific needs are defined and communicated through working instructions which are policed through S5’s 24/7 global operating hub and internal systems alerts.

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