Real business intelligence

Business Intelligence is a fast web-based tool which gives you the ability to drill into our systems database to retrieve management information to facilitate tactical as well as strategic decision making. It provides a window into operational and financial data and clients have found it particularly helpful in preparing cost management programs.

Unmatched Analytical Tool

Every day a large amount of information is communicated to clients, such as emails, cargo documents, statements of fact and disbursements accounts. Unfortunately much of the detail is immediately lost as there has been no means of capturing it under a traditional agency scenario. To add value S5 has integrated a management information tool into its systems in order to capture this data. This provides our clients with an unmatched analytical tool and online reporting capability where you can format, export, and share charts and reports.

Recent Developments

Recent developments include a graphic tool enabling you to drill into the details of vessel turnaround and benchmark different parts of the chain as well as being able to quickly identify areas of underperformance. Additionally, our compliance with your defined requirements is monitored and assured through online automated KPI reports.

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